How to get rewards and make money using apps!

Getting straight to the point, I found a site that gives rewards, which includes cash, for downloading apps and using them for at least two minutes. Feature points is a really cool website (it has an app as well) that gives you a chance to claim cool rewards through points you generate by downloading apps. The apps are literally ones you’d get on your own or for your kids. Games, music, and health apps can be found on feature points. A lot of those apps are ones you’d have to pay for but you’re getting for free to basically test. I actually kept some.

This is not, by any means, a get rich quick opportunity ! Lol. So please keep that in mind. I’ve been searching for ways to make extra cash or get great stuff while being a SAHM. Now I’m sharing it with you. It’s free to sign up. Who doesn’t like free stuff, right? I know I love it.

What you have to do is go to or search for the feature points app. Once you got that, you’ll see a list of apps to download. Each app has a certain amount of points and after you download AND use the app for two minutes you get credited. This can be quite tidiest if you have crappy internet service like me but if you have high speed internet it should be a breeze to knock out. Be aware that some apps go into “pending” meaning for whatever reason once you’ve used it, it shows up as not even being downloaded. You should be able to click it again and get credited, if not move on to another app. Do EVERY single app you can in order to get a lot of points.

The rewards you can get range from paid apps to $1000 cash in your paypal account. The points system can be rather slow in terms of collecting enough to get rewarded big, quickly. If you’re a gamer or have a lot of time on your hands this is for you! I like it because it doesn’t take too much attention and I’m able to use it while my kids are up.

Use my referral code GSTTFE when signing up to get 50 points right away. You can gain points by taking surveys, though I haven’t taken any, or doing other task like liking feature points’ Facebook page or subscribing to their YouTube channel. I got over 200 points in under an hour when I first started and that was on my bogus internet. It’s worth sticking with and you can refer other people and they’ll get 50 points from your code. I wish you guys luck!

I am NOT a paid advertiser, though I wish. Lol. I just really like this website and it’s app.