Building a strong Blog

I know my blog is like a small beach shack  on a deserted island compared to the mammoth size mansion blogs out there. Even so, I know exactly what makes a blog thrive. Obviously content is important but it doesn’t matter how great your content is if no one sees it. When I first started my blog, I wrote a post then flung my arms open like, “Come to me!” It was like an ant expecting a giraffe to see it’s footprints.

Like I said in an earlier post, building connections and interacting with others was the most vital part of having a successful blog. Granted, I learned this over a year ago and my blog following is still pretty small. That would be my fault. I haven’t been blogging and visiting my fellow bloggers as much as I should.

Unless you have a super big following, your blog is like a cave in the woods that people might stumble upon if they past your way. You have to crawl out of your hole in search of human life! That’s probably my favorite part about blogging. It feels good to have people see your post but when you are able to find someone else’s post or blog site and just feel a connection to what they are saying, it feels awesome.

You have to take the time to get out there and give others feedback instead of just hoping to get it for yourself alone. It’s a give an take. A mutual respect amongst writers. You took the time to read my post so I’ll do the same. This has been the best lesson I’ve learned since I began blogging. I personally believe in quality not quantity; if you have a few followers but they visit your page regularly it’s a win. It means that you’re not just a one hit wonder with them.

If you ask most bloggers, they’ll agree that blogging is more of a marathon rather than a sprint. It takes time to get it to where you’re fully satisfied. It also takes time to really come into your own and what better feeling is there than having your early followers come along on the journey. Equally, don’t be turned off by new comers. Share the love and support and even give them  some tips if you like.

How to build a strong blog? By building strong relationships, by sharing your time with your fellow bloggers, and giving valuable feedback on the post you read. It’s about spreading the interest you wish to receive. Blogging is not for the selfish. It’s a community…an extended family.

Like always guys ((HUGGS AND LOVE))



The battle between stay at home moms and working moms.

I believe that most mothers know that there’s some type of unspoken war between moms who stay home with their kids all day and moms who, go out and work. You choose what you want to do depending on what’s best for you and your household. We all have our reasons but some women tend to judge the ones on the other side of the fence.

Selfish! You’re selfish if you leave your child in the care of someone else so you can work. You’re selfish if you don’t get a job to help contribute financially to your child’s upbringing. Take it easy ladies! Even though I’m a SAHM I still try to find work-from-home jobs, not because someone told me to but because I want to. I can understand why both sides make their decisions. I myself wanted both. I can’t judge another mother for doing what she felt she needed to do. If her kids are loved and well-taken cared of, that’s all that matters. MYOB! Lol

Besides being seen as the worse mother in the world, you can also be labled as lazy or a work-aholic that doesn’t love your kids. Listen, once again, different strokes for different folks. Wanting to be at home with your kids doesn’t mean you’re trying to run from working and working doesn’t mean you’re trying to run from your kids. I would love to have a job and make lots of MONEY but that’s not my reality. With two girls, child care would cost more than their monthly expenses in just one week; I’d be working to pay someone to take care of my kids because I’m working to pay them. Get it? Some people can afford that and still have money left over and then some to be able to help pay bills. I mean depending on how low or high your income is you can either get assistance or have enough money to pay for whatever without blinking an eye. It’s all about your life and your needs as a mother and family.

I thought that mothers supported and encouraged each other for the most part. Turns out that just like with any other thing, personal decisions on working or staying home can ruffle a lot of feathers. I was once oblivious to the tension such a topic could create. How can you, not knowing someones background, assume anything based on a mother that works or stays home?

I’d like to hear some thoughts on this. And like always, (Hugs and Love!)


I did a two day blog-liking-and-commenting spree.

❤️Happy Valentines Day❤️

I’ve had my blog Entrepreneur Mama Blog and The Short Bit for a few months now. My personal blog has been up longer than my short story blog but both had received next-to-nothing activity for the most part. I barely knew how to navigate the site. Once I learned a little bit and started posting, nothing happened. I half expected my blog to blow up with visitors. I then thought my content just sucked and people were probably seeing my post and ignoring them. I hadn’t realized that I was basically posting an invite to my party on my bedroom wall and expecting people to show up.

I struggled with getting people to my site for months. My short story blog had more activety than my personal blog but it wasn’t anything to brag about. I couldn’t understand how in the world anyone, just starting out, could get attention. Then about two days ago, I decided to interact with my fellow bloggers; something I had NEVER done before.

I searched random topics and began to like and comment on some of the post. Instead of doing this for a handful of post, I read down the list and began reading post like crazy and liking and commenting on ALL! At first it was intimidating, like being the new girl in high school. I wondered if anyone would take the time to reply to me or visit my page. It didn’t take long before my notifications were going crazy and I felt a since of pride. People were grateful for my comments and having mini conversations with me.

This all led some people to visit my site as well. Needless to say, I had gotten more activity in one hour than I had gotten in all the months before, combined. I had to think of my site as a living thing. Just like people, it thrives on interaction! My site was a cave dweller and it needed to get out more and play nice with others in order to become more…likable. Lol! I needed to interact with others. Once I did,it was great; which made me decide to take two days to submerge myself in other people’s content.

The results were great. Luckily, everyone I interacted with was awesome. They were all so sweet and welcoming. I for one, have always dreaded the comment section of sites and social media. You were bond to find an argument or end up in one yourself. You could say the sky was blue and someone would jump on you insisting it wasn’t and you were a fool for thinking such a thing. Thankfully, as I site-hopped, I  came across NONE of that. I found amazing woman and men getting along and cheering each other on. I found inspiration and hope. And I now know, that even if I get lost in my little bubble again, I can reach out to so many of you.

Thank you all for being so great! (Hugs and Love)