Cool Gift Ideas for Men

Disclaimer: These links are Amazon affiliate links. Should you make a purchase through these links, I make a commission. See Affiliate Disclosure Page for more information.

1Funny shirt: If I’m Ever On Life Support Funny shirts are always in! I find this shirt to be hilarious. I think most guys believe unplugging something and then plugging works thats why it’s so funny. Of course there’s so many other funny t-shirts out there but this one had me rolling.


2MOCREO Fashion Bluetooth Knit Hat This knit beanie, by MOCREO, is awesome. It has headphones and works with IPhone, Android, and Ipad electronics. The picture shows it in red but it comes in different colors. Since it’s still cold in some areas this is perfect for a guy who wants to stay warm and enjoy his music. Best thing, NO headphone cards dangling from your ear!


3Touch Screen Gloves I must be a complete gadget novice because I never knew about these kinds gloves. It’s the most annoying thing to have gloves on and have to use your phone but touch screen gloves solve that problem. From Vbiger, these warp-knitted velvet cashmere gloves are the coolest thing ever! I love them.


4Wireless Bluetooth Speaker These Bluetooth speakers are so adorable. Might be TMI but my kids’ dad has to take his blast music on his phone whenever he uses the bathroom. These work with all phones, and also works with tablets and computers. It’s small and doesn’t have an over the top design, perfect for a guy.


5Personal Gaming Environment Ok, you have to admit this gaming environment is awesome! I knew a guy that would get as close to the tv as possible when gaming; this would be great for him. This is for XBOX ONE S, XBOX ONE, XBOX 360, PS4, and PS3. The console isn’t included but it has some really cool features.


6Shot Glass – Mana  Another awesome gamer gift. If your guy loves gaming, collects shot glasses, and has a sense of humor, get him this! He can replenish his “Mana” anytime. Lol


7Wood watch A watch is pretty much a go-to gift for a guy so no surprise there. This is a zebrawood maple watch from Treehut. Get this, it’s 100% REAL wood. I think this watch is pretty sick, don’t you?


8 Titanium Comfort Fit Wedding Band Now this last item IS a wedding band but I think it’s still a sweet gift even if you’re not married. It’s a black titanium heartbeat ring and it’s super cute. Now it is a comfort fit ring and some people say it’s best to buy it in a smaller size then you actually are, just something to consider.


That’s it for my list of cool gift ideas for guys. Most, if not all, of these products are offered in Amazon Prime. If you don’t know what that is, it’s basically a subscription you make through Amazon and you get great perks like free 2 day shipping, free movies to watch and so much more. I did the free trail 2years ago to get a gift for my mom and it came in two days. It was so convenient I bought it two years in a row. Valentines Day is in a couple of days and Amazon Prime gives you the opportunity to get last minute gifts fast so even if your hesitant, you can try the trail for free. These gift are great for all the men in your lives, from your dad to your boyfriend.


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