5 Valentines Day gift ideas for him

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. Should you make a purchase after clicking on any of these links, I gain a commission. See Affiliate Disclosure Page for more information.

1.AXE Regimen Gift Set for Men, Apollo    Obviously Axe has different scents but I personally love this one because it’s always been a great gift for my guy. The scent is great and I think most guys like it.



2.Men’s watch I’ve always liked the look of a man wearing a classic watch. It might seem boring or played out but a watch could  be a really nice valentines day gift. I like this perticular watch because it has a blue face. (Hmmm, who am I shopping for again? Lol)



3.NFL New England Patriots Fitted Cap Ok, so your man is a sports fantastic, get him gear! What better way to let him know you care about his love for the game than with a hat representing his favorite team? Trust me he’ll love it.



4. Waterproof Man’s Grooming Kit  These might seem like an easy way out of actually thinking hard on a gift but if your Bf likes to manscape, you definitely should get him a nice grooming kit.



5. Silk Heart Boxers -Valentine’s Day   Men get us underwear for V-day so why can’t we do the same? There are some really cute valentines day boxers out there! These are so sexy! Don’t you think?


Well, that’s it for my list. I hope it inspired you or at least helped with a last minute run to the store. Leave comments on which gifts you’ve given before and what gifts you’ll give this year.


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