Hiddy Ho

Hello, fellow human beings! This is my millionth-no sorry, this is my millionth and 1 attempt at actually keeping up with a blog. I have several ghost blogs out there attached to emails that are probably covered in dust by now and will disintegrate into ash if I ever signed in again. My first blog was made when I was about 17 and I’m 24 now so that should tell you something. Blogs about nothing in particular besides a big old dream that I’d become famous off of it. By the way if you ever come across my early blogs tell them “mommy still loves them.”

Oh wait! I didn’t introduce myself. *In my little Stephanie Tanner voice* “How rude!” (Yes I’m a full house/fuller house fan) Anywho, hello good people I’m Dena. Mother of two darling girls, aspiring fashion designer, play pretend writer, wannabe therapist and future billionare! Ha, right one can dream.

As you have probably guessed, I’m an entrepreneur mama. A very poor one but one nonetheless. After becoming a mom my desire to be my own boss sky rocketed. Besides wanting to raise my girls, I’m basically a stay at home mom by force. No one will hire me! I’m sure there are dogs with better resumes than me. At this point if I want to make money I’ll have to take matters into my own hands.

It feels like everything  I try to do has a prerequisite. A step before a step. When I was making custom clothes I needed clients or I wouldn’t have work. Once I had some clients it soon became a need for clients that didn’t want a discount on a $20 pant; which by the way was already under priced. As much as I loved designing and sewing the payout was disappointing to say the least. After hitting the search button on google about one hundred times I’ve found a few really promising “jobs”. These too, have steps before steps and as simple as they seem, I’m still struggle to get things rolling.

It was my choice to be a stay at home mom but I still wanted to work to provide for my girls. They have a dad but I’d still want to work my butt off for them even if he was bringing home milions per year. That’s just me. I’m hoping to gain a good bit of income soon or I’ll be at the side of the road holding a sign saying “give me a dollar.” Ha! Whatever works I will share them with you all; as long as I can get into the rythem of writting to myself and hoping others will read it.



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